Backyard Chickens

There is a fast growing trend with backyard chickens. I wrote an article about why there about why there are so many people are getting backyard chickens across America.

We have six backyard hens currently and are planning more. Backyard chickens make great pets. They are like little vacuum cleaners in your yard eating bugs, weeds and grass. The till the flower beds and fertilize as they go.

We keep hens only, because they are quiet and we want fresh organic eggs. Our hens do greet us and announce when they lay an egg. However, they are much quieter than a dog and the cackle is quite pleasant.

Eggs from chickens are much healthier than store-bought eggs (factory-farm chickens). Factory farm chickens never eat grass or see the light of day. Backyard chickens eat grass, insects, worms, weeds, and other natural foods to deliver fresh healthy eggs (see chart 1 and chart 2). Hens deliver unfertilized eggs, even in the absence of a rooster. Most days, we get an egg a day from each of our mature hens.

One of the best things about backyard chickens is the entertainment they provide. Chickens develop unique personalities and have affection for their owners. Our chickens come running when we go into the backyard. Watching them is a treat and the entertainment is almost endless.

Backyard chickens are great pets. They do natural insect extermination, till the beds, fertilize, help the compost pile, put themselves to bed at dusk, and provide a tasty and healthy breakfast the next morning.

Here are some photos of our chickens:

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