Labs – Layla, Della & Brandy

Layla is our Black Lab. Della is her daughter, a Chocolate Lab. Brandy is a Yellow Lab. We have all three colors and love them all.

Layla a great athlete. She is very fast, loves to retrieve, loves the water, and has great hunting instincts. Her first litter had nine puppies and second had eleven puppies. Many or these pups live in the area or have been adopted by friends and family. We see many of these pups on occasion and keep track of them

Della is the youngster of our Labs and is out of Layla’s second litter born in May of 2011. She is very fast and an athlete like her Mom. She has lots of personality.

Brandy is 15 years old, deaf, and has other health issues – as you might expect for a dog that is over 100 years old in people years. She gets around and leads a life of leisure for an old retired hunting dog.


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